Call Number (LC) Title Results
TN490.U7 P3 The uranium and fluorescent minerals : a handbook for the collector of fluorescent gems and minerals, a guide for the prospector for uranium minerals 1
TN490.U7 P325 1973 Radon in uranium mining : proceedings . 1
TN490.U7 P33 1970 Uranium exploration geology. Proceedings of a panel ... held in Vienna, 13-17 April 1970 1
TN490 .U7P49 Le Phénomène d'Oklo : comptes rendus d'un colloque sur le phénomène d'Oklo = The Oklo phenomenon : proceedings of a symposium on the Oklo phenomenon 1
TN490.U7 P68 Processing of low-grade uranium ores : proceedings of a panel held in Vienna, 27 June-1 July 1966 1
TN490.U7 P7 Uranium : where it is and how to find it 1
TN490.U7 R47 1977 Hydrothermal uranium deposits 1
TN490.U7 S3 1968a Uranium and copper mineralization in the Big Indian Wash-Lisbon Valley Mining District, Southeastern Utah 1
TN490.U7 S56 1970a A history of the uranium industry on the Colorado Plateau 1
TN490.U7 S65 Geology and technology of the Grants uranium region 1
TN490 .U7S68 Uranium in the southern United States 1
TN490.U7 S72 1978 South Texas Uranium Seminar, Corpus Christi, Texas, September 10-13, 1978 1
TN490.U7 T37 Uranium deposits : origin, evolution, and present characteristics : an analysis of the present uranium deposits in terms of the geometrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical aspects of the Earth's behavior during the past 4.6 billion years 1
TN490.U7 T5 Theoretical and practical aspects of uranium geology : a Royal Society discussion 1
TN490.U7 U55 Mesa miracle : in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona 1
TN490.U7 U56 Guidebook to uranium deposits of western United States / Compiled in the Production Evaluation Division of the Grand Junction Operations Office 1
TN490.U7 U65 1979 Uranium deposits of the central and southern Rockies : Wyoming-Colorado-New Mexico 1
TN490.U7 U68 1982 Uranium 81 : proceedings of a meeting organized by the Applied Mineralogy and Geochemistry Groups of the Mineralogical Society on uranium mineralogy and the geochemistry of natural radioelements in crystalline rocks, London, 16-17 January 1981 1
TN490.U7 U7 Uranium and nuclear energy : proceedings of the fourth international symposium held by the Uranium Institute, London, September 10-12, 1979 1
TN490.U7 U7 1978 Uranium deposits, their mineralogy and origin : a short course 1