Call Number (LC) Title Results
TL140.L85 A3 2005 Still life with cars : an automotive memoir 1
TL145 .B45 1956 Theory of land locomotion; the mechanics of vehicle mobility 1
TL145 .B83 Introduction to automotive technology 1
TL145 .R35 1988 Rethinking the role of the automobile 1
TL145 .T337 1989 Automotive principles and service 1
TL146 .D84 1990 Modern automotive mechanics 1
TL151 .K8213 2007 Bosch automotive handbook 1
TL151 .M658m 1968 Motor Service's automotive encyclopedia 1
TL151 .S62 1959 S.A.E. handbook 1
TL151 .S62 1976 pt.1 S.A.E. handbook 1
TL151 .S62 1976 pt.2 S.A.E. handbook 1
TL151.6 .C69 2005 Improving fuel economy : money in your pocket 1
TL151.6 .D55 2003 Reducing gasoline consumption : three policy options 1
TL151.6 .F85 1984 Fuel economy in road vehicles powered by spark ignition engines 1
TL151.6 .S54 How to get more miles per gallon : an indispensible glove-compartment guide for every car owner in America, with 282 tips to save you gas--and money 1
TL152 .B77 Highway safety and driver education 1
TL152 .C368 1973 How to get your car repaired without getting gypped 1
TL152 .C369 2001 Recipes for car care : the consumer's guide to auto health 1
TL152 .C4 1987 Chrysler ASE certified training program 1
TL152 .C512 2001-05 Chilton Asian mechanical service 1