Call Number (LC) Title Results
T2004 .M33 A slow rain; The hunt; Finding the right lie 1
T2004 .N67 Cryptography : A fun and interesting look at the evolution of cryptography 1
T2004 .T3 A change in the weather : Poems 1
T2004 .W3 Innate numerosity and the development of numerical ability : Why Piaget was wrong about the numeric capabilities of children 1
T2004 .W37 Dark Origins : The influential role of dark matter in gravitational collapse and galaxy formation 1
T2005 .C94 The true grotesqueness revealed in Carson McCuller's The heart is a lonely hunter 1
T2005 .L33 Raspberry Sunday : Feature length screenplay 1
T2005 .O82 The state of English learning for non-native speakers in Grand Junction and Palisade 1
T2005 .T34 Effects of prenatal cocaine exposure on the brains and cerebral ventricles of mice 1
TA1 .I39813 1980 Life cycle problems and environmental technology. Proceedings of IES 26th annual technical meeting, Philadelphia, PA May 12-14, 1980 1
TA11 .A22 1990 Abbreviations for use on drawings and in text 1
TA15 .A7 A social history of engineering 1
TA15 .B53 1996 The innovators : the engineering pioneers who made America modern 1
TA15 .K5 Engineering in history 1
TA15 .P633 The fifteen wonders of the world 1
TA15 .R35 Engineering 1
TA15 .S813 1964 A history of civil engineering; an outline from ancient to modern times 1
TA16 .D4 The ancient engineers 1
TA19 .O5 High steel, hard rock, and deep water; the exciting world of construction 1
TA23 .C57 American building art: the twentieth century 1