Call Number (LC) Title Results
QE539 .S4 v.1 Seismic interpretation series 1
QE539 .S414 1984 Seismic signal analysis and discrimination III 1
QE539 .S45 2004 Seismic imaging of carbonate reservoirs and systems 1
QE539 .T74 Seismic applications of homomorphic signal processing 1
QE539 .V9713 Computational seismology 1
QE539.2.E42 H67 2006 After the Earth quakes : elastic rebound on an urban planet 1
QE539.2 .I5G8 Earthquake hazard in Northeast California 1
QE539.2.I5 S73 1994 Damages & losses from future New Madrid earthquakes : a Central U.S. Earthquake Intensity Scale for pre-earthquake planning "CUSEIS" 1
QE539.2.M37 L56 2012 Elements of seismic dispersion : a somewhat practical guide to frequency-dependent phenomena : 2012 Distinguished Instructor Short Course 1
QE539.2.M5 L4 1981 Principles and applications of microearthquake networks 1
QE539.2.P34 A53 2010 Ancient earthquakes 1
QE539.2.P34 G46 2011 Geological criteria for evaluating seismicity revisited : forty years of paleoseismic investigations and the natural record of past earthquakes 1
QE539.2.P34 R43 2012 Recent advances in North American paleoseismology and neotectonics east of the Rockies 1
QE539.2.S34 R45 1990 Earthquake hazard analysis : issues and insights 1
QE540 .U55 1978 Annual report - Centre for Precambrian Studies, University of Manitoba 1
QE541.G15 E5 Vertical seismic profiling 1
QE541 .P33 The generalized reciprocal method of seismic refraction interpretation 1
QE541 .T8 Pitfalls in seismic interpretation 1
QE565 .D2 1984 The structure and distribution of coral reefs 1
QE565 .D3 The coral reef problem 1