Call Number (LC) Title Results
PA6056 .R3 Roman satirists and their satire : the fine art of criticism in ancient Rome 1
PA6067 .D6 Roman drama 1
PA6069 .K66 1986 Roman comedy 1
PA6069 .M28 2006 The stagecraft and performance of Roman comedy 1
PA6073 .R66 1996 Roman theater and society : E. Togo Salmon papers I 1
PA6083 .C3 Of eloquence; studies in ancient and mediaeval rhetoric 1
PA6105.S8 C26 Carmina 1
PA6121 .A4 1982 v.1 Minor Latin poets : in two volumes 1
PA6121 .A4 1982 v.2 Minor Latin poets : in two volumes 1
PA6121 .A7O9 1912 The Oxford book of Latin verse, from the earliest fragments to the end of the Vth century A. D. 1
PA6123 .A3 2003 Golden verses : poetry of the Augustan age 1
PA6134 .A1 Roman satire : Horace, Juvenal, Persius, Petronius and Seneca 1
PA6139.M9 M9713 2008 The Vatican mythographers 1
PA6142 .R8 Lines of enquiry : studies in Latin poetry 1
PA6163 .D38 The portable Roman reader 1
PA6163 .G8 1942 Latin literature in translation 1
PA6163 .W5 Roman culture; weapons and the man 1
PA6164 .C38 1995 Catullus, Tibullus, Pervigilium Veneris 1
PA6164 .L38 1995 Latin lyric and elegiac poetry : an anthology of new translations 1
PA6165 .D8 v.1 The complete Roman drama; all the extant comedies of Plautus and Terence, and the tragedies of Seneca, in a variety of translations 1