Call Number (LC) Title Results
LC41 .M44 Tutoring with students : a handbook for establishing tutorial programs in schools 1
LC41 .W33 1982 Peer teaching : historical perspectives 1
LC 41.2:N 27 The Near East Section of the Library of Congress 1
LC 42.16: Global legal monitor 1
LC 42.19: Supreme Court nominations 1
LC 42.2:A 35 State anti-conversion laws in India 1
LC 42.2:A 35/2018 State anti-conversion laws in India 1
LC 42.2:AB 3 Hague Convention on International Child Abduction an analysis of the applicable law and institutional framework of fifty-one jurisdictions and the European Union 1
LC 42.2:AB 3/2 Provisions on child abduction in non-Hague countries : East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa 1
LC 42.2:Af 3 Afghanistan : a country law study 1
LC 42.2:AI 2 Regulation of foreign aid in selected countries : 2011/2012 1
LC 42.2:AL 3 Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, response to terrorism 1
LC 42.2:AN 5 Animal trap laws in selected jurisdictions : supplemental report 1
LC 42.2:AR 7 Regulation of artificial intelligence in selected jurisdictions 1
LC 42.2:Au 7/3 The Austrian law on extradition and mutual assistance in criminal matters 1
LC 42.2:B 46 Sports betting and integrity agreements 1
LC 42.2:B 54 Regulation of Bitcoin in selected jurisdictions 1
LC 42.2:B 74 Trade implications of Brexit : lessons from Austria's accession and Greenland's withdrawal 1
LC 42.2:C 28 Regulations concerning the private possession of big cats : Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, Greece, India, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, European Union 1
LC 42.2:C 33 Preservation of historical cemeteries in selected countries 1