Call Number (LC) Title Results
LC 19.16:2011 Library resources for the blind & physically handicapped 1
LC 19.17: That all may read 1
LC 19.2:AN 8 Answering the call : the Telephone Pioneer talking-book machine-repair program, 1960-1993 1
LC 19.2:AP 5/2/2017 Application for free library service : institutions 1
LC 19.2:AP 5/2015 Application for free library service: individuals 2
LC 19.2:AR 7 The art and science of audio book production 1
LC 19.2:B 53 Birding : an introduction to ornithological delights for blind and physically handicapped individuals 1
LC 19.2:B 64/ Books for the blind 1
LC 19.2:B 64/3/2004 Books are fun for everyone : library service for blind and physically handicapped children 1
LC 19.2:B 73/11/2013 World braille usage 2
LC 19.2:B 73/13 Braille, the key to literacy and independence : a publication of the Braille Revival League of California 1
LC 19.2:B 73/14 Good books, good friends : Braille and digital talking books for youth
Good books, good friends : Braille and digital talking books for young people
LC 19.2:B 73/15 Place the world at their fingertips : become a braille volunteer 1
LC 19.2:B 73/16 The future of braille : NLS Braille Summit, presentations and outcomes 1
LC 19.2:C 79 NLS policy on copyright 1
LC 19.2:C 83 Literary braille transcribing course, trail manuscript submission 1
LC 19.2:D 56/4 A digital talking-book sampler 1
LC 19.2:D 56/5 Take reading in a new direction : digital talking books for people unable to read regular print 1
LC 19.2:D 56/2002 Digital talking books : progress to date 1
LC 19.2:D 56/2002-2 Digital talking books 1