Call Number (LC) Title Results
LC 14.23:R 44090/ Life-cycle greenhouse gas assessment of coal and natural gas in the power sector 1
LC 14.23:R 44091/ Meat Animal Research Center : the Animal Welfare Act and farm animal research 1
LC 14.23:R 44092/ Greenhouse gas pledges by parties to the United Nations framework convention on climate change 1
LC 14.23:R 44093/ California agricultural production and irrigated water use 1
LC 14.23:R 44094/ Bangladesh and Bangladesh-U.S. 1
LC 14.23:R 44095/ Puerto Rico's current fiscal challenges 1
LC 14.23:R 44096/ Acquisition reform in House- and Senate- passed versions of the FY2016 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 1735) 1
LC 14.23:R 44098/ The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) budget for FY2016 1
LC 14.23:R 44099/ District of Columbia : issues in the 114th Congress 1
LC 14.23:R 44100/ Use of the annual appropriations process to block implementation of the Affordable Care Act (FY2011-FY2017) 1
LC 14.23:R 44101/ Dark web 1
LC 14.23:R 44107/ Presidential appointments to full-time positions in executive departments during the 113th Congress 1
LC 14.23:R 44108/ U.S. Command and Control and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Aircraft 1
LC 14.23:R 44109/ Presidential appointments to full-time positions in independent and other agencies during the 113th Congress 1
LC 14.23:R 44111/ Cyber intrusion into U.S. Office of Personnel Management : in brief 1
LC 14.23:R 44112/ Economic Development Administration : FY2016 appropriations 1
LC 14.23:R 44113/ U.S. foreign assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean : recent trends and FY2016 appropriations 1
LC 14.23:R 44114/ Update on the highly-pathogenic avian influenza outbreak of 2014-2015 1
LC 14.23:R 44115/ A primer on WIC : the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children 1
LC 14.23:R 44117/ U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) : background, operations, and issues 1