Call Number (LC) Title Results
LB3013 .S26 1999 Because we can change the world : a practical guide to building cooperative, inclusive classroom communities 1
LB3013 .S596 2015 Better than carrots or sticks : restorative practices for positive classroom management 1
LB3013 .S628 2009 How the brain influences behavior : management strategies for every classroom 1
LB3013 .S639 1998 CHAMPs : a proactive and positive approach to classroom management for grades K-9 1
LB3013 .S64 1985 Discipline in the secondary classroom : a problem-by-problem survival guide 1
LB3013 .S657 1988 Becoming an effective classroom manager : a resource for teachers 1
LB3013 .S77 1978 A guide to discipline 1
LB3013 .S79 Discipline in the junior high/middle school : a handbook for teachers, counselors, and administrators 1
LB3013 .T56 2011 Discipline survival guide for the secondary teacher 1
LB3013 .T585 2011 Preventing challenging behavior in your classroom : positive behavior support and effective classroom management 1
LB3013 .W379 1998 Classroom discipline problem solver : ready-to-use techniques & materials for managing all kinds of behavior problems 1
LB3013 .W526 2009 Elementary classroom management : a student-centered approach to leading and learning 1
LB3013 .W62 Solving discipline problems : Strategies for classroom teachers 1
LB3013.2 .A34 1999 Let's put kids first, finally : getting class size right 1
LB3013.2 .E54 2002 Engaging large classes : strategies and techniques for college faculty 1
LB3013.3 .B475 2006 Understanding girls' friendships, fights, and feuds : a practical approach to girls' bullying 1
LB3013.3 .B685 2009 More bullies in more books 1
LB3013.3 .B82 2003 Bullying, peer harassment, and victimization in the schools : the next generation of prevention 1
LB3013.3 .C46 2007 How not to be a bully target : a program for victims of childhood bullying (grades 3-6) 1
LB3013.3 .C537 2014 Confronting school bullying : kids, culture, and the making of a social problem 1