Call Number (LC) Title Results
JuvF P332n Nightjohn 1
JuvF P332s Soldier's heart : a novel of the Civil War 1
JuvF P332t Tracker 1
JuvF P332tr The Transall saga 1
JuvF P332v The voyage of the Frog 1
JuvF P332w The winter room 1
JuvF P359L Lion at school and other stories 1
JuvF P359t Tom's midnight garden 1
JuvF P360m The moon is going to Addy's house 1
JuvF P361a All of the above 1
JuvF .P361l Looking at the moon 1
JuvF P367a Are you in the house alone? 1
JuvF P367ar Arly 1
JuvF P367d 1982 A day no pigs would die 1
JuvF P367L A long way from Chicago : a novel in stories 1
JuvF P367p Princess Ashley 1
JuvF P367s Soup on wheels 1
JuvF P367t Those summer girls I never met 1
JuvF P367y A year down yonder 1
JuvF P375b Big bad Bruce 1