Call Number (LC) Title Results
JuvF M379 Leo the Magnificat 1
JuvF M379b Brown bear, Brown bear, what do you see? 1
JuvF M379be Belle Teal 1
JuvF M379c Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 1
JuvF M379co A corner of the universe 1
JuvF M379k Knots on a counting rope 1
JuvF M379m The maestro plays 1
JuvF .M379r Rain reign 1
JuvF .M379s Snow & Rose 1
JuvF M379w White Dynamite & Curly Kidd 1
JuvF M382r The rough-face girl 1
JuvF M383o Old Mother Hubbard and her dog 1
JuvF .M385a Alma and how she got her name 1
JuvF M385m Matías, pintor famoso 1
JuvF M385p Parrot in the oven : mi vida : a novel 1
JuvF M385s Spirits of the high mesa 1
JuvF M387b The boy and his friend the blizzard 1
JuvF .M414b Bob 1
JuvF M423b Bristle Face 1
JuvF M425d Daniel's story 1