Call Number (LC) Title Results
JuvF M158d The dark-thirty : Southern tales of the supernatural 1
JuvF M158e The earth, my butt, and other big, round things 1
JuvF M158f Flossie & the fox 1
JuvF M158g Goin' someplace special 1
JuvF M158h The hero and the crown 1
JuvF M158m The meantime 1
JuvF M158mi Mirandy and Brother Wind 1
JuvF M161b Barkus 1
JuvF M161f The five forms 1
JuvF M161m The moon's almost here 1
JuvF M161p The poet's dog 1
JuvF M161s Sarah, plain and tall 1
JuvF .M163y Yak and Dove 1
JuvF .M167n The Nutcracker in Harlem 1
JuvF M168n Nutcracker Noel 1
JuvF M168ne The new kid at school 1
JuvF M169r Runner in the sun : a story of Indian maize 1
JuvF M172a Andrew draws 1
JuvF M173l Leo loves baby time 1
JuvF M175s Snow treasure 1