Call Number (LC) Title Results
JuvF L345p Prank 1
JuvF L345t A tournament of knights 1
JuvF L352c Carry on, Mr. Bowditch 1
JuvF .L359a Auntie Luce's talking paintings 1
JuvF L399j Just Jane : a daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution 1
JuvF L415i Savvy 1
JuvF L421p The patchwork people 1
JuvF L425d The dragon's pearl 1
JuvF L425r Rabbit hill 1
JuvF L425r 1968 Rabbit hill 1
JuvF L425s The Spring Rider 1
JuvF L425t They were strong and good 1
JuvF L425to The tough winter 1
JuvF L429t The tree : a fable 1
JuvF L434s The story of Ferdinand 1
JuvF L437m Most people 1
JuvF L438s Edward Lear's The Scroobious Pip 1
JuvF .L477d Door 1
JuvF L477l Lines 1
JuvF .L477lo The lost kitten 1