Call Number (LC) Title Results
JuvF C951s The seeing stone 1
JuvF C957a Athletic shorts : six short stories 1
JuvF C957c The Crazy Horse Electric game 1
JuvF C957ch Chinese handcuffs 1
JuvF C957i Ironman 1
JuvF C957r Running loose 1
JuvF C957s Stotan! 1
JuvF C957st Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes 1
JuvF C957w Whale talk 1
JuvF C965s Smoot : a rebellious shadow 1
JuvF C965u The uncorker of ocean bottles 1
JuvF C969q Quinito's neighborhood = El vecindario de Quinito 1
JuvF C971h A hungry lion, or, a dwindling assortment of animals 1
JuvF .C971s Stumpkin 1
JuvF C972d Deep in the Sahara 1
JuvF C973d Dorp dead 1
JuvF C975l Little Elliot, big city 1
JuvF C978b The bat boy & his violin 1
JuvF C978bu2 Bud, not Buddy 1
JuvF C978b2 The bat boy & his violin 1