Call Number (LC) Title Results
JK529 .P4 1981 The people's President : the electoral college in American history and the direct vote alternative 1
JK529 .W64 The electoral college 1
JK550 .K67 2011 Presidential term limits in American history : power, principles & politics 1
JK552 .P368 2008 To serve the President : continuity and innovation in the White House staff 1
JK552 .W35 1995 Governing the White House : from Hoover through LBJ 1
JK554 .B67 2009 The New York Times on the presidency, 1853-2008 1
JK554 .G35 2017 The American presidency and entertainment media : how technology affects political communication 1
JK554 .H35 2001 Governing from center stage : White House communication strategies during the television age of politics 1
JK554 .K47 2007 Going public : new strategies of presidential leadership 1
JK558 .M3 The ultimate decision: the President as Commander in Chief 1
JK558 .P77 The way we go to war 1
JK558 .S44 2015 Deceit on the road to war : presidents, politics and American democracy 1
JK570 .B285 1985 The president and foreign affairs : evaluation, performance, and power 1
JK570 .K45 1991 The President as world leader 1
JK570 .P58 1958 Summit diplomacy : personal diplomacy of the President of the United States 1
JK570 .R55 1966 Powers of the President in foreign affairs, 1945-1965 : Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson 1
JK570 .R67 1991 The postmodern president : George Bush meets the world 1
JK573 1979 .F7 Foreign policy by Congress 1
JK585 .A63 1990 Keeping a watchful eye : the politics of congressional oversight 1
JK585 .A78 Congress and the bureaucracy : a theory of influence 1