Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 28.23:7757 Hazard from engines rebreathing exhaust in confined space 1
I 28.23:7758 Methods for producing alumina from clay : an evaluation of a sulfurous acid-sulfuric acid process 1
I 28.23:7761 Physical aspects of copper cementation on iron 1
I 28.23:7764 Mine roof vibrations from underground blasts, Pilot Knob, Mo 1
I 28.23:7769 Geologic factors causing roof instability and methane emission problems : the Lower Kittanning coalbed, Cambria County, Pa 1
I 28.23:7771 Large-scale continuous attrition grinding of coarse kaolin 1
I 28.23:7773 Determination of eight minor elements in low-alloy steels by fluorescent X-ray spectrography 1
I 28.23:7774 Sulfur dioxide emission control by hydrogen sulfide reaction in aqueous solution : the citrate system 1
I 28.23:7775 Geology of Eocene rocks and oil yields of Green River oil shales on part of Kinney Rim, Washakie Basin, Wyoming 1
I 28.23:7776 Reducing copper and tin impurities in ferrous scrap recovered from incinerated municipal refuse 1
I 28.23:7778 Thermodynamic properties of three sodium titanates 1
I 28.23:7780 Decomposition of hydrogen sulfide in an electrical discharge 1
I 28.23:7781 Evaluation of methods for determining nahcolite and dawsonite in oil shales 1
I 28.23:7784 Preparation of samarium-cobalt permanent magnets 1
I 28.23:7785 The K₂HfF₆-K₂ZrF₆-1.25 percent HF system at 40° C with other solubility curves from 25° to 70° C 1
I 28.23:7787 Tunneling machine research : development of an experimental full-scale research rock cutting device 1
I 28.23:7790 Methane control by isolation of a major coal panel : Pittsburgh coalbed 1
I 28.23:7791 Radioactive tracer pulse method of evaluating fracturing of underground oil shale formations 1
I 28.23:7792 Structural design data for concrete drift linings in block caving stopes 1
I 28.23:7794 Oxidation of cement copper by flash roasting 1