Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 28.23:4935 National annual diesel-fuel survey : 1952 1
I 28.23:4936 Tests of the Anthratube 1
I 28.23:4937 Investigation of iron sulfide deposits in South-Central Aitkin County and Carlton County, Minn 1
I 28.23:4938 The thermodynamics of combustion gases : temperatures of methane-air and propane-air flames at atmospheric pressure 1
I 28.23:4939 Investigation of the New Anniversary-Bucky Pegmatite, Gunnison County, Colo 1
I 28.23:4940 Gasification of lignite in a commercial-scale pilot plant : progress report for 1947-48 1
I 28.23:4941 Preparation characteristics of coal from Jefferson County, Pa 1
I 28.23:4942 v.1 Synthetic liquid fuels : annual report of the secretary of the interior for 1952 1
I 28.23:4943 v.2 Synthetic liquid fuels : annual report of the secretary of the interior for 1952 1
I 28.23:4944 Early operations of the hydrogenation demonstration plant, using Rock Springs, Wyoming coal 1
I 28.23:4945 Processes for beneficiating Great Gossan Lead ores, Carroll County, Va 1
I 28.23:4946 Anthracite mechanical mining investigations 1
I 28.23:4947 Equilibrium composition of combustion products of leaded octanes with air 1
I 28.23:4948 Bull Valley iron-ore deposits, Washington County, Utah 1
I 28.23:4949 Pebble stoves for heating gases to high temperatures 1
I 28.23:4950 Hermada antimony deposit, Elmore County, Idaho 1
I 28.23:4951 Ore-dressing tests of Aroostook County, Maine, manganese ores 1
I 28.23:4952 Preliminary tests of Nevada oxidized copper ores 1
I 28.23:4953 Investigation of lead-zinc deposits at the Harrington-Hickory Mine, Beaver County, Utah 1
I 28.23:4954 Drying and carbonizing fine coal in entrained and fluidized state 1