Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 28.23:4955 Thermodynamic properties of sodium-aluminum and potassium-aluminum silicates 1
I 28.23:4956 Blasting research at the Bureau of Mines oil-shale mine 1
I 28.23:4957 Thermal requirements for the gasification of lignite in an externally heated retort 1
I 28.23:4958 The thermodynamics of combustion gases : temperatures and composition of the combustion products of oxyacetylene flames 1
I 28.23:4959 Analyses of crude oils from some west Texas fields. : II. Additional Analyses 1
I 28.23:4960 Tables of the beta function B(p, q) 1
I 28.23:4961 Table of the incomplete beta function B(1/2, p,q) 1
I 28.23:4962 Blasting no-cut-hole raise rounds using milliseconds delays 1
I 28.23:4963 National motor-gasoline survey : Summer 1952 1
I 28.23:4964 Washability study of Upper Hartshorne bed at the Quality Mine, Hackett, Ark 1
I 28.23:4965 Certain aspects of the galvanic corrosion behavior of titanium 1
I 28.23:4966 Estimate of known recoverable reserves of coking coal in Wyoming County, W. Va 1
I 28.23:4967 Use of torque wrench to determine load in roof bolts 1
I 28.23:4968 Determination of moisture-holding capacity (bed moisture) of coal for classification by rank 1
I 28.23:4969 Determination of moisture in low-rank coals 1
I 28.23:4970 Estimate of known recoverable reserve of coking coal in Allegany County, Md 1
I 28.23:4971 Progress report on operation of pressure-gasification pilot plant utilizing pulverized coal and oxygen 1
I 28.23:4972 Analyses of tipple and delivered samples of coal : (collected during the fiscal year 1952) 1
I 28.23:4973 Investigation of the Boulder County tungsten district, Boulder County, Colorado 1
I 28.23:4974 Analyses of formation brines in Kansas 1