Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 19.76:94-194 Tectonostratigraphic terrane and overlap assemblage map of Alaska 1
I 19.76:94-195 Earth science issues in the Missouri River Basin man's adaptation to the changing landscape 1
I 19.76:94-198 Preliminary map showing quaternary faults and landslides in the Cliff Lake 15ʹ quadrangle, Madison County, Montana 1
I 19.76:94-201 Distribution of sand and gravel in New Hampshire 1
I 19.76:94-204 Geologic map of the La Barge quadrangle, Lincoln and Sublette counties, Wyoming 1
I 19.76:94-205/CD U.S. Geological Survey coal quality database 1
I 19.76:94-211 Petroleum exploration plays and resource estimates, 1989, onshore United States 1
I 19.76:94-214-A The Northridge, California, earthquake of January 1994 a computer animation and paper model 1
I 19.76:94-219 Residual aeromagnetic map of the Danville area, Virginia and North Carolina 1
I 19.76:94-226 A Earthquakes in Washington and Oregon, 1872-1993 1
I 19.76:94-226 B Washington and Oregon earthquake history and hazards 1
I 19.76:94-228 Proceedings of workshop LXIII the mechanical involvement of fluids in faulting 1
I 19.76:94-230 Data and results from R.V. Aleksandr Vinogradov cruises 91-AV-19/1, North Pacific hydrochemistry transect; 91-AV-19/2, North Equatorial Pacific Karin Ridge Fe-Mn crust studies; and 91-AV-19/4, Northwest Pacific and Bering Sea sediment geochemistry and paleoceanographic studies 1
I 19.76:94-231 Preliminary Quaternary geologic maps of Santa Clara Valley, Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Mateo counties, California a digital database 1
I 19.76:94-235 Gazetteer of Venusian nomenclature 1
I 19.76:94-241 Data report for the 1993 seismic refraction experiment in the San Francisco Bay Area, California 1
I 19.76:94-243 Geologic map of the Formaster Well quadrangle, northern Mohave County, Arizona 1
I 19.76:94-244 Geologic map of the White Pockets quadrangle, northern Mohave County, Arizona 1
I 19.76:94-253 Aeroradiometric maps of parts of the South Boston and Emporia 30ʹ x 60ʹ quadrangles, Virginia and North Carolina 1
I 19.76:94-255/CD Southern Lake Michigan Coastal Erosion Study graphical display and digital data 1