Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 19.76:87-215 Floods in eastern Nebraska and southeastern South Dakota, June 1984 1
I 19.76:87-216 Climatic data for the Cottonwood Lake area, Stutsman County, North Dakota, 1983 1
I 19.76:87-217 Selected ground-water data, Chester County, Pennsylvania 1
I 19.76:87-218 Sediment-transport curves 1
I 19.76:87-219 Columbia Glacier Alaska : photogrammetry data set 1981-82 and 1984-85 1
I 19.76:87-220 Processes affecting the distribution of selenium in shallow ground water of agricultural areas, western San Joaquin Valley, California 1
I 19.76:87-221 Hydrologic data of the Nashua and Souhegan River basins, Massachusetts 1
I 19.76:87-224 Hydrologic data for urban studies in the Austin metropolitan area, Texas, 1985 1
I 19.76:87-225 Water-resources activities of the Louisiana District in fiscal years 1986-87 1
I 19.76:87-226 Review of the Water Resources Information System of Argentina 1
I 19.76:87-228 Water-resources report prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey, Texas District, 1973-86 1
I 19.76:87-229 Sediment transport characteristics of selected streams in the Susitna River Basin, Alaska : data for water year 1985 and trends in bedload discharge, 1981-85 1
I 19.76:87-230 Ground-water levels in Alaska, water year 1984 1
I 19.76:87-231 Water resources investigations in Tennessee : programs and activities of the U.S. Geological Survey 1
I 19.76:87-232 Radium concentrations in ground water of the Chickies Formation, southeastern, Pennsylvania, 1986-87 1
I 19.76:87-233 Approximate altitude of water levels in wells in the Chicot and Evangeline aquifers in the Houston area, Texas, spring 1987 1
I 19.76:87-234 Surface water-quality assessment of the Kentucky River Basin, Kentucky : project description 1
I 19.76:87-235 Ground-water quality assessment of the central Oklahoma aquifer, Oklahoma : project description 1
I 19.76:87-236 Activities of the Water Resources Division, California District, in the 1986 fiscal year 1
I 19.76:87-237 Hydrology and digital simulation of the regional aquifer system, eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho 1