Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 19.76:2016-1099 Estimating juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) abundance from beach seine data collected in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and San Francisco Bay, California 1
I 19.76:2016-1101 Low-flow frequency and flow duration of selected South Carolina streams in the Savannah and Salkehatchie River Basins through March 2014 1
I 19.76:2016-1102 Report from the workshop on climate downscaling and its application in high Hawaiian Islands, September 16-17, 2015 1
I 19.76:2016-1104 Abstract volume for the 2016 biennial meeting of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory 1
I 19.76:2016-1105 Regional water table (2014) in the Mojave River and Morongo groundwater basins, southwestern Mojave Desert, California 1
I 19.76:2016-1106 Updated logistic regression equations for the calculation of post-fire debris-flow likelihood in the western United States 1
I 19.76:2016-1107 Evaluating water management scenarios to support habitat management for the Cape Sable seaside sparrow 1
I 19.76:2016-1108 Pacific walrus coastal haulout database, 1852-2016--background report 1
I 19.76:2016-1109 Jaguar taxonomy and genetic diversity for southern Arizona, United States, and Sonora, Mexico 1
I 19.76:2016-1110 California State waters map series--offshore of Monterey, California 1
I 19.76:2016-1111 Agricultural irrigated land-use inventory for the counties in the Suwanee river water management district in Florida, 2015 1
I 19.76:2016-1112 Relative distribution and abundance of fishes and crayfish in 2010 and 2014 prior to saltcedar (Tamarix ssp.) removal in the Amargosa River Canyon, southeastern California 1
I 19.76:2016-1113 Altered hydrologic and geomorphic processes and bottomland hardwood plant communities of the lower White River Basin 1
I 19.76:2016-1114 Catalog of microscopic organisms of the Everglades 1
I 19.76:2016-1115 Seasonal flux and assemblage composition of planktic foraminifera from the northern Gulf of Mexico, 2008-14 1
I 19.76:2016-1116 User's manual for the Automated Data Assurance and Management application developed for quality control of Everglades Depth Estimation Network water-level data 1
I 19.76:2016-1117 Estimating suspended sediment using acoustics in a Fine-Grained Riverine System, Kickapoo Creek at Bloomington, Illinois 1
I 19.76:2016-1118 Near-field receiving water monitoring of trace metals and a benthic community near the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant in south San Francisco Bay, California, 2015 1
I 19.76:2016-1119 Shallow geology, sea-floor texture, and physiographic zones of Vineyard and western Nantucket Sounds, Massachusetts 1
I 19.76:2016-1120 A satellite model of southwestern willow flycatcher (Empidonax trailii extimus) breeding habitat and a simulation of potential effects of tamarisk leaf beetles (Diorhabda spp.), southwestern United States 1