Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 19.76:2005-1140 Influence of riparian tree phenology on lower Colorado River spring-migrating birds implications of flower cueing 1
I 19.76:2005-1141 Literature review and annotated bibliography water requirements of desert ungulates 1
I 19.76:2005-1142 Vascular plant and vertebrate inventory of Tumacácori National Historic Park 1
I 19.76:2005-1143 MODFLOW data extractor program 1
I 19.76:2005-1150 Data for selected gaging stations in the upper Red River of the North Basin in Minnesota, September 2001 through September 2003 1
I 19.76:2005-1155 Bibliography of selected references in visual resource management 1
I 19.76:2005-1159 Construction, geology, and aquifer testing of the Maalo Road, Aahoaka Hill, and Upper Eleele Tank Monitor Wells, Kauai, Hawaii 1
I 19.76:2005-1164 An assessment of volcanic threat and monitoring capabilities in the United States framework for a national volcano early warning system 1
I 19.76: 2005-1165 Particle atlas of World Trade Center dust 1
I 19.76:2005-1171 Vitrinite reflectance data for the Permian Basin, west Texas and southeast New Mexico 1
I 19.76:2005-1172 The New Hampshire Watershed Tool a geographic information system tool to estimate streamflow statistics and ground-water recharge rates 1
I 19.76:2005-1176 Flooding of the Androscoggin River during December 18-19, 2003, in Canton, Maine 1
I 19.76:2005-1179 Assessing the potential for future reserve growth in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin 1
I 19.76:2005-1180 Future science direction environmental information science plan 1
I 19.76:2005-1186/CD Particle-size, CaCO₃, chemical, magnetic, and age data from surficial deposits in and around Canyonlands National Park, Utah 1
I 19.76:2005-1188 Estimation of agricultural pesticide use in drainage basins using land cover maps and county pesticide data 1
I 19.76:2005-1193 Report of the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Modeling Workshop 1
I 19.76:2005-1200/CD Digital data and derivative products from a high-resolution aeromagnetic survey of the central San Luis basin, covering parts of Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, and Rio Grande Counties, Colorado, and Taos County, New Mexico 1
I 19.76:2005-1206 Occurrence of organic wastewater contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products in selected water supplies, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, June 2004 1
I 19.76:2005-1210 Suwannee River basin and estuary : an integrated watershed science program 1