Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 19.42/4:94-4174 Relation of nitrate concentrations in ground water to well depth, well use, and land use in Franklin Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, 1970-85 1
I 19.42/4:94-4175 Hydrogeology and water quality in the Graces Quarters area of Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 1
I 19.42/4:94-4176 Spatial data in geographic information system format on agricultural chemical use, land use, cropping practices in United States 1
I 19.42/4:94-4177 Results and interpretation of preliminary aquifer tests in boreholes UE-25c #1, UE-25c #2, and UE-25c #3, Yucca Mountain, Nye County, Nevada 1
I 19.42/4:94-4178 Hydrogeology of Cibola County, New Mexico 1
I 19.42/4:94-4181 Geohydrology and water quality of stratified-drift aquifers in the middle Connecticut River Basin, west-central New Hampshire 1
I 19.42/4:94-4182 Geohydrology and water quality of stratified-drift aquifers in the Saco and Ossipee River Basins, east-central New Hampshire 1
I 19.42/4:94-4183 Water quality of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint and Ocmulgee River basins related to flooding from tropical storm Alberto : pesticides in urban and agricultural watersheds, and nitrate and pesticides in ground water, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida 1
I 19.42/4:94-4184 Determination of land subsidence related to ground-water-level declines using Global Positioning System and leveling surveys in Antelope Valley, Los Angeles and Kern counties, California, 1992 1
I 19.42/4:94-4185 Identification, characterization, and analysis of hydraulically conductive fractures in granitic basement rocks, Millville, Massachusetts 1
I 19.42/4:94-4186 Hydrogeology and simulation of ground-water flow at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina, 1987-90 1
I 19.42/4:94-4187 Surface-water-quality assessment of the lower Kansas River Basin, Kansas and Nebraska : suspended-sediment conditions, May 1987 through April 1990, and trends, 1963 through April 1990 1
I 19.42/4:94-4188 Storm and flood of July 5, 1989, in northern New Castle County, Delaware 1
I 19.42/4:94-4189 Summary and interpretation of dye-tracer tests to investigate the hydraulic connection of fractures at a ridge-and-valley-wall site, near Fishtrap Lake, Pike County, Kentucky 1
I 19.42/4:94-4190 Dendrogeomorphic estimate of changes in sedimentation rate along the Kankakee River near Momence, Illinois 1
I 19.42/4:94-4191 Data on natural organic substances in dissolved, colloidal, suspended-silt, and -clay, and bed-sediment phases in the Mississippi River and some of its tributaries, 1991-92 1
I 19.42/4:94-4192 Radioactivity in the environment : a case study of the Puerco and Little Colorado River Basins, Arizona and New Mexico 1
I 19.42/4:94-4193 Rainfall and freshwater discharge in the Indian River Basin within the St. Johns River Water Management District, east-central Florida, 1989-91 1
I 19.42/4:94-4194 Water quality of storm runoff and comparison of procedures for estimating storm-runoff loads, volume, event-mean concentrations, and the mean load for a storm for selected properties and constituents for Colorado Springs, Southeastern Colorado, 1992 1
I 19.42/4:94-4196 Surface-water-quality assessment of the lower Kansas River Basin, Kansas and Nebraska : selected metals, arsenic, and phosphorus in streambed sediments of first-and second-order streams, 1987 1