Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 19.42/4:88-4082 Distribution of dissolved-solids concentrations and temperature in ground water of the Gulf Coast aquifer systems, south-central United States 1
I 19.42/4:88-4083 Geohydrology and susceptibility of aquifers to surface contamination in Alabama : area 5 1
I 19.42/4:88-4084 Geologic setting and water quality of selected basins in the active coal-mining areas of Ohio, June 1985 through December 1986 1
I 19.42/4:88-4085 Flood-frequency relations for urban streams in Georgia 1
I 19.42/4:88-4087 Preimpoundment hydrologic conditions in the Swatara Creek (1981-84) and estimated postimpoundment water quality in and downstream from the planned Swatara State Park Reservoir, Lebanon and Schuylkill Counties, Pennsylvania 1
I 19.42/4:88-4090 Test holes for monitoring surface-water/ground-water relations in the Cottonwood Creek area, Shasta and Tehama counties, California, 1984-85 1
I 19.42/4:88-4091/maps Availability of ground water from unconsolidated deposits in the Mohawk River Basin, New York 1
I 19.42/4:88-4092 Effects of treated municipal effluent irrigation on ground water beneath sprayfields, Tallahassee, Florida 1
I 19.42/4:88-4093/corr. Hydrogeology and water quality near a solid- and hazardous-waste landfill, Northwood, Ohio 1
I 19.42/4:88-4094 Map of mean annual runoff for the northeastern, southeastern, and mid-Atlantic United States, water years 1951-80 1
I 19.42/4:88-4095 Withdrawals and consumptive use of water in Pennsylvania, 1984 1
I 19.42/4:88-4096 Relations between Warm Springs and geology delineated by side-looking airborne-radar imagery in eastern West Virginia 1
I 19.42/4:88-4097 Geohydrology, water quality, and effects of pumpage on the New Orleans aquifer system, northern Jefferson Parish, Louisiana 1
I 19.42/4:88-4098 Preliminary hydrogeologic evaluation of the Cincinnati arch region for underground high-level radioactive waste disposal, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio 1
I 19.42/4:88-4099 The vertical distribution of selected trace metals and organic compounds in bottom materials of the proposed lower Columbia River export channel, Oregon, 1984 1
I 19.42/4:88-4100 Geohydrology and regional ground-water flow of the coastal lowlands aquifer system in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida--a preliminary analysis 1
I 19.42/4:88-4101 Estimated use of water in Colorado, 1985 1
I 19.42/4:88-4103 Water withdrawals, use, and trends in Florida, 1985 1
I 19.42/4:88-4104 Factors affecting leaching in agricultural areas and an assessment of agricultural chemicals in the ground water of Kansas 1
I 19.42/4:88-4105/Sh.1-4 Surface-water resources of the Columbia Plateau in parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho 1