Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5016 Macrophyte and pH buffering updates to the Klamath River water-quality model upstream of Keno Dam, Oregon 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5017 Hydrogeology, distribution, and volume of saline groundwater in the southern midcontinent and adjacent areas of the United States 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5019 Ambient conditions and fate and transport simulations of dissolved solids, chloride, and sulfate in Beaver Lake, Arkansas, 2006-10 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5021 Concentration, flux, and the analysis of trends of total and dissolved phosphorus, total nitrogen, and chloride in 18 tributaries to Lake Champlain, Vermont and New York, 1990-2011 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5023 Methods, quality assurance, and data for assessing atmospheric deposition of pesticides in the Central Valley of California 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5024 Estimated rates of groundwater recharge to the Chicot, Evangeline, and Jasper aquifers by using environmental tracers in Montgomery and adjacent counties, Texas, 2008 and 2011 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5025 Hydrogeology of the West Branch Delaware River basin, Delaware County, New York 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5027 Identification and evaluation of scientific uncertainties related to fish and aquatic resources in the Colorado River, Grand Canyon : summary and interpretation of an expert-elicitation questionnaire 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5028 Occurrence and variability of mining-related lead and zinc in the Spring River flood plain and tributary flood plains, Cherokee County, Kansas, 2009-11 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5030 Software for analysis of chemical mixtures : composition, occurrence, distribution, and possible toxicity 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5031 Emergent sandbar dynamics in the Lower Platte River in Eastern Nebraska : methods and results of pilot study, 2011 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5032 Evaluation of the groundwater-flow model for the Ohio River alluvial aquifer near Carrollton, Kentucky, updated to conditions in September 2010 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5034 Groundwater withdrawals 1976, 1990, and 2000-10 and land-surface-elevation changes 2000-10 in Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, Montgomery, and Brazoria counties, Texas 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5036 Simulation of salinity intrusion along the Georgia and South Carolina coasts using climate-change scenarios 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5037 Plankton communities and summertime declines algal abundance associated with low dissolved oxygen in the Tualatin River, Oregon 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5038 Investigation of the structure and lithology of bedrock concealed by basin fill, using ground-based magnetic-field-profile data acquired in the San Rafael Basin, southeastern Arizona 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5039 Water-quality conditions, and constituent loads and yields in the Cambridge drinking-water source area, Massachusetts, water years 2005-07 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5041 Hydrogeology, groundwater seepage, nitrate distribution, and flux at the Raleigh hydrogeologic research station, Wake County, North Carolina 2005-2007 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5042 Simulation of groundwater flow, effects of artificial recharge, and storage volume changes in the Equus Beds Aquifer near the City of Wichita, Kansas well field, 1935-2008 1
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5045 Investigations of the groundwater system and simulation of regional groundwater flow for North Penn Area 7 Superfund site, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 1