Call Number (LC) Title Results
I 19.16:1235 Erosion and sedimentation in the Kenai River, Alaska 2
I 19.16:1236 Investigations of the New Madrid, Missouri, earthquake region 2
I 19.16:1237 Geochemistry of some rocks, mine spoils, stream sediments, soils, plants, and waters in the western energy region of the conterminous United States 2
I 19.16:1238 Geobiologic study of the South Texas Outer Continental Shelf : a description of the bio- and ichnofacies of the South Texas Outer Continental Shelf
Geobiologic study of South Texas Outer Continental Shelf
I 19.16:1239 Tectonic setting of late Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene rocks in part of the Coast Ranges north of San Francisco, California 2
I 19.16:1240-B Facing geologic and hydrologic hazards : earth-science considerations 2
I 19.16:1240-C The National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska : earth-science considerations
The national petroleum reserve in Alaska : earth-science considerations
I 19.16:1241-A Introduction to correlation of Precambrian rock sequences 2
I 19.16:1241-B Precambrian rocks of Alaska 1
I 19.16:1241-C Geology and geochronology of Precambrian rocks in the central interior region of the United States 2
I 19.16:1241-D The Precambrian of the Rocky Mountain region 2
I 19.16:1241-E Correlation chart for Precambrian rocks of the eastern United States 2
I 19.16:1241-F Correlation of Precambrian rocks of the Lake Superior region, United States 1
I 19.16:1242 Perennial-streamflow characteristics related to channel geometry and sediment in the Missouri River basin 2
I 19.16:1243 Possible origins of till-like deposits near the summit of the Front Range in north-central Colorado 2
I 19.16:1244 Floods of May 1978 in southeastern Montana and northeastern Wyoming 2
I 19.16:1245 Historical surface deformation near Oildale, California
Historic surface deformation near Oildale, California
I 19.16:1246 Chemical weathering of basalts and andesites : evidence from weathering rinds 1
I 19.16:1247 Revision of Lithostrotionella (Coelenterata, Rugosa) from the Carboniferous and Permian 2
I 19.16:1248 Compositional variations and abundances of selected elements in granitoid rocks and constituent minerals, central Sierra Nevada Batholith, California 2