Call Number (LC) Title Results
HE 1.75:OEI-01-02-00630 Long term care hospitals-within-hospitals 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-03-00020 NIH grants management : late awards 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-03-00021 NIH grants management : late closeouts 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-03-00050 OIG final report : risk management at health centers 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-03-00130 Inspection results on nursing home compare : completeness and accuracy 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-03-00180 Trends in the assignment of resource utilization groups 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-04-00020 CMS oversight of short-term acute care nonaccredited hospitals 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-04-00070 Emerging practices in nursing homes 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-04-00150 Outside activities of senior-level NIH employees 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-04-00160 Effect of the home health prospective payment system on the quality of home health care 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-04-00340 Nursing home complaint investigations 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-04-00390 FDA's monitoring of postmarketing study commitments 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-04-00400 Outside activities of FDA employees 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-05-00090 Review of services provided by inhalation drug suppliers 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-05-00130 Medicare Advantage marketing materials for calendar year 2005 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-06-00050 Marketing materials for Medicare prescription drug plans 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-06-00160 The Food and Drug Administration's oversight of clinical trials 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-06-00170 Quality concerns identified through quality improvement organization medical record reviews 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-06-00260 Growth in advanced imaging paid under the Medicare physician fee schedule 1
HE 1.75:OEI-01-06-00261 Provider relationships and the use of magnetic resonance under the Medicare physician fee schedule 1