Call Number (LC) Title Results
HC340.12 .R8277 2010 Russia after the global economic crisis 1
HC340.12 .S65 1993 Russia and the world economy : problems of integration 1
HC340.3 .A56 1999b Social costs of transformation to a market economy in post-socialist countries : the cases of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary 1
HC340.3 .H86 1998 From autarchy to market : Polish economics and politics, 1945-1995 1
HC340.3 .J64 1995 Starting over in Eastern Europe : entrepreneurship and economic renewal 1
HC340.3 .O85 1988 Michał Kalecki on a socialist economy 1
HC343 .H4 1984 The welfare state and beyond : success and problems in Scandinavia 1
HC360.5 .G36 2015 Gambling debt : Iceland's rise and fall in the global economy 1
HC392 .P69 1981 Portugal since the revolution : economic and political perspectives 1
HC397 .T73 1984 The Transformation of Swiss mountain regions : problems of development between self-reliance and dependency in an economic and ecological perspective 1
HC407 .M66 Growth with self-management : Yugoslav industrialization, 1952-1975 1
HC411.U4 A2 1970 Economic survey of Asia and the Far East 1
HC412 .E125 1998 East Asia in crisis : from being a miracle to needing one? 1
HC412 .E246 1997 Economies in transition : comparing Asia and Eastern Europe 1
HC412 .N2433 1996 Megatrends Asia : eight Asian megatrends that are reshaping our world 1
HC412 .R437 1996 Reforming Asian socialism : the growth of market institutions 1
HC412 .S85 2013 How Asia works : success and failure in the world's most dynamic region 1
HC412 .W622 1979 ASEAN economies in perspective : a comparative study of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand 1
HC412 .W84 Economic development in Southeast Asia : the Chinese dimension 1
HC412.5 .R65 1962 The role of science in the development of natural resources, with particular reference to Pakistan, Iran and Turkey : A symposium held under the auspices of the CENTO Scientific Council, Lahore, January, 1962 1