Call Number (LC) Title Results
HC286.4 .M45 1988 The collapse of the German war economy, 1944-1945 : Allied air power and the German National Railway 1
HC286.5 .B57 Germany, 1945-1954 1
HC286.5 .E713 1963A The economics of success 1
HC286.8 .S5613 1992 Jumpstart : the economic unification of Germany 1
HC300.282 .K6713 1990 The road to a free economy : shifting from a socialist system : the example of Hungary 1
HC324 .V72 1997 The first modern economy : success, failure, and perseverance of the Dutch economy, 1500-1815 1
HC325 .G64 2007 Tulipmania : money, honor, and knowledge in the Dutch golden age 1
HC335 .B373 Economic geography of the U.S.S.R. 1
HC335 .C28 1966 Soviet economic power : its organization, growth, and challenge 1
HC335 .D744 1997 The life and times of Soviet socialism 1
HC335 .E636 2003 Modernization from the other shore : American intellectuals and the romance of Russian development 1
HC335 .H35 Making bolsheviks 1
HC335.4 .D38 1989 The Soviet economy in turmoil, 1929-1930 1
HC335.6 .V36 1989 Feeding the bear : American aid to the Soviet Union, 1941-1945 1
HC336 .C6 Soviet progress vs. American enterprise; report of a confidential briefing session held at the fifteenth anniversary meeting of the Committee for Economic Development, on November 21, 1957, in Washington D.C. 1
HC336.25 .G6365 1987 Gorbachev's challenge : economic reform in the age of high technology 1
HC336.25 .G637 1983 U.S.S.R. in crisis : the failure of an economic system 1
HC336.26 .D47 1989 Perestroika in perspective : the design and dilemmas of Soviet reform 1
HC336.26 .P464 1989 Perestroika and the economy : new thinking in Soviet economics 1
HC336.26 .R85 1993 The politics of economic stagnation in the Soviet Union : the role of local party organs in economic management 1