Call Number (LC) Title Results
HC102.5.F75 S32 1998 Henry Clay Frick : an intimate portrait 1
HC102.5.G68 K55 1986 The life and legend of Jay Gould 1
HC102.5.G68 R46 2005 Dark genius of Wall Street : the misunderstood life of Jay Gould, king of the robber barons 1
HC102.5.G73 F74 2004 Robert K. Greenleaf : a life of servant leadership 1
HC102.5.G8 D38 The Guggenheims : an American epic 1
HC102.5.G8 H6 The Guggenheims and the American dream 1
HC102.5.H35 A3 1987 Hammer 1
HC102.5.H35 B58 1992 The dark side of power : the real Armand Hammer 1
HC102.5.H35 E67 1996 Dossier : the secret history of Armand Hammer 1
HC102.5.H45 M67 1989 Palace coup : the inside story of Harry and Leona Helmsley 1
HC102.5.H86 H87 1981 Texas rich : the Hunt dynasty, from the early oil days through the Silver Crash 1
HC102.5.K53 A34 1986 Going for it! : how to succeed as an entrepreneur 1
HC102.5.K66 A3 2000 The monk and the riddle : the education of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur 1
HC102.5.L493 A3 1995 Why should white guys have all the fun? : how Reginald Lewis created a billion-dollar business empire 1
HC102.5.M377 A3 1994 Thomas Mellon and his times 1
HC102.5.M38 H47 The Mellon family : a fortune in history 1
HC102.5.N3 M3 Citizen Nader 1
HC102.5.P42 M37 1990 Perot : an unauthorized biography 1
HC102.5.P66 A3 1995 The salesman of the century : inventing, marketing and selling on TV : how I did it and how you can too! 1
HC102.5.Q5 A3 1954 Giant business: threat to democracy 1