Call Number (LC) Title Results
GA 1.41:GAO-08-704 R Defense transportation DOD should ensure that the final size and mix of Airlift Force Study Plan includes sufficient detail to meet the terms of the law and inform decision makers 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-711 R Governmentwide accounts payable 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-721 R Review of the President's fiscal year 2009 budget request for the Defense Health Program's Private Sector Care Budget Activity Group 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-735 R Preliminary observations on the use and oversight of U.S. Coalition Support Funds provided to Pakistan 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-736 R Military operations : actions needed to better guide project selection for Commander's Emergency Response Program and improve oversight in Iraq 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-739 R Secure Border Initiative fiscal year 2008 expenditure plan shows improvement, but deficiencies limit congressional oversight and DHS accountability 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-753 R Department of Defense pilot authority for acquiring information technology services under OMB Circular A-76 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-761 R Depot maintenance issues and options for reporting on military depots 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-790 R Military personnel DOD needs data to determine if active duty service has an impact on the ability of Guard and Reservists to maintain their civilian professional licenses or certificates 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-792 R Oil and gas royalties litigation over royalty relief could cost the federal government billions of dollars 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-798 R Department of Energy implementation and use of other transactions authority provided in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-819 R Improper payments responses to posthearing questions related to status of agencies' efforts to address improper payment and recovery auditing requirements 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-827 R Medicare Advantage organizations actual expenses and profits compared to projections for 2005 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-829 R Examples of job hopping by commercial drivers after failing drug tests 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-830 R Defense management assessment of the reorganization of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-836 R Federal Reserve banks areas for improvement in information security controls 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-846 R Assessment of the explanation that Immigration and Customs Enforcement provided for its subsequent transfer from the Spectrum Relocation Fund 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-849 R Hardrock mining information on state royalties and trends in mineral imports and exports 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-853 R Global War on Terrorism reported obligations for the Department of Defense 1
GA 1.41:GAO-08-864 R Chemical Safety Board improvements in management and oversight are needed 1