Call Number (LC) Title Results
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4974.1 A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota, from its first settlement, to July 4th, 1876 ... With an accurate map 1
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4974.2 Luck of a wandering Dane 1
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4975 Notice sur la géographie du Texas, sur la variété de ses productions, de ses animaux, de ses plantes, et de ses richesses naturelles et commerciales . 1
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4976 Reminiscences of the Texas Republic Annual address delivered before the Historical Society of Galveston, December 15, 1875 1
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4977 Coleccion de varios documentos para la historia de la Florida y tierras adyacentes . 1
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4978 Journal of a trip to California across the continent from Weston, Mo., to Weber Creek, Cal., in the summer of 1850 . 1
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4979 New map Gold in the Black Hills, with explanatory notes and extracts from official reports, with laws appended upon the subject of mines and mining 1
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4981 Account of a journey through north-eastern Texas, undertaken in 1849, for the purposes of emigration, embodied in a report to which are appended letters and verbal communications, from eminent individuals, lists of temperature, of prices of land, produce, and articles of merchandize ... and the recently adopted constitution of Texas, with maps from the last authentic survey 1
F591 .W48 Reel 498 no.4982 Guide book to the gold regions of Fraser River, with a map of the different routes, and tables of distances together with a history of the late gold discoveries, the new form of government of British Columbia, and a vocabulary of Indian words 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4983 Biography and family record of Lorenzo Snow, one of the twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4984 The rise, progress, and travels of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints being a series of answers to questions, including the revelation on celestial marriage, and a brief account of the settlement of Salt Lake Valley, with interesting statistics 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4985 Incidents of travel, from the pencil notes of the author . 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4986 Reminiscences of a campaign in Mexico an account cf[!] the operations of the Indiana Brigade on the line of the Rio Grande and Sierra Madre, and a vindication of the volunteers against the aspersions of officials and unofficials 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4987 Letter from Jedediah S. Smith to General Clark describing the route from Salt Lake to Los Angeles 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4988 Incidents and events in the life of John V. Smith 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4989 Correspondence between Joseph Smith and Col. John Wentworth ... Gen. James Arlington Bennet ... and the Honorable John C. Calhoun ... in which is given, a sketch of the life of Joseph Smith, the rise and progress of the Church of Latter Day Saints, and their persecutions by the state of Missouri ... to which is added a concise account of the present state and prospects of the city of Nauvoo 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4990 Doctrine and covenants of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, carefully selected from the revelations of God 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4991 Evidence taken on the trial of Mr. Smith before the Municipal Court of Nauvoo, on Saturday, July 1, 1843, respecting the late persecution of the Latter Day Saints, in the state of Missouri, North America 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4992 General Joseph Smith's appeal to the Green Mountain Boys, December, 1843 1
F591 .W48 Reel 499 no.4993 The pearl of great price being a choice selection from the revelations, translations, and narrations of Joseph Smith, first prophet, seer, and revelator to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1