Call Number (LC) Title Results
E185.86 .W55 1991 A new look at Black families 1
E185.86 .W56 1973 American Black women in the arts and social sciences: a bibliographic survey 1
E185.88 .H65 1966 The Negro's struggle for survival; a study in human ecology 1
E185.89.F66 T95 2017 The cooking gene : a journey through African-American culinary history in the Old South 1
E185.89.H6 .C55 The church and residential desegregation; a case study of an open housing covenant campaign 1
E185.89.H6 L3 1976 Property values and race : studies in seven cities : special research report to the Commission on Race and Housing 1
E185.89.I56 B87 2018 Bury my heart in a free land : Black women intellectuals in modern U.S. history 1
E185.89.I56 C66 2017 Beyond respectability : the intellectual thought of race women 1
E185.89.T8 K5 Stride toward freedom; the Montgomery story 1
E185.9 .L5 North of slavery : the Negro in the free States, 1790-1860 1
E185.9 .W89 1969 A century of Negro migration 1
E185.92 .H6 The politics of the Southern Negro; from exclusion to big city organization 1
E185.925 .A45 2003 African American women confront the West : 1600-2000 1
E185.925.H37 1995 A narrative bibliography of the African-American frontier : Blacks in the Rocky Mountain West, 1535-1912 1
E185.925 .K37 The Black West 1
E185.925 .K394 1999 Buffalo soldiers and officers of the Ninth Cavalry, 1867-1898 : black & white together 1
E185.925 .T39 1998 In search of the racial frontier : African Americans in the American West, 1528-1990 1
E185.93.A3 A74 2008 Carry it on : the war on poverty and the civil rights movement in Alabama, 1964-1972 1
E185.93.A3 K64 First freedom; the responses of Alabama's Blacks to Emancipation and Reconstruction 1
E185.93 .D6G7 The secret city : a history of race relations in the Nation's Capital 1