Call Number (LC) Title Results
DG735.6 .M43 The Horizon book of daily life in Renaissance Italy 1
DG736 .C55 1973 Florence in the forgotten centuries, 1527-1800; a history of Florence and the Florentines in the age of the grand dukes 1
DG736 .S3 1961 History of Florence : from the founding of the city through the Renaissance 1
DG736 .S3 1963 v.1 Medieval and Renaissance Florence 1
DG736.3 .M3313 1988 Florentine histories 1
DG737.A2 .M4 1901B History of Florence from the earliest times to the death of Lorenzo the Magnificent 1
DG737.A2 M4 1960 History of Florence and of the affairs of Italy 1
DG737 .B74 1969 Renaissance Florence 1
DG737 .O47 1906 The makers of Florence; Dante, Giotto, Savonarola, and their city 1
DG737 .R8 1964 Florence in the age of Dante 1
DG737.26 .H64 1980 Vile Florentines : the Florence of Dante, Giotto, and Boccoccio 1
DG737.42 .C55 1990 The Medici : a tale of fifteen generations 1
DG737.42 .S3 1960 The Medici 1
DG737.42 .Y8 1933 The Medici 1
DG737.9 .A6 1962 Lorenzo dei Medici and Renaissance Italy 1
DG737.9 .H76 1984 Lorenzo de' Medici : an historical biography 1
DG737.9 .M376 2003 April blood : Florence and the plot against the Medici 1
DG737.9 .R74 Lorenzo the Magnificent 1
DG737.97 .E75 1988 The unarmed prophet : Savonarola in Florence 1
DG738.13 .B35 2013 The fruit of liberty : political culture in the Florentine Renaissance, 1480-1550 1