Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 1.2:J 89/9 Military defense counsel resources and experience in sexual assault cases 1
D 1.2:J 89/FINAL Final report 1
D 1.2:K 52 KMI key management infrastructure 1
D 1.2:K 54 DoD puts kids first 1
D 1.2:K 84 The Korean War the SIGINT background 1
D 1.2:L 23 Landmine policy white paper 1
D 1.2:L 46 Sustaining U.S. global leadership priorities for 21st century defense 1
D 1.2:L 47 Modernizing learning : building the future learning ecosystem 1
D 1.2:L 61/3 Attack on a Sigint collector, the U.S.S. Liberty 1
D 1.2:L 76 Living in a global village 1
D 1.2:M 33/2 A message to Marine families-- 1
D 1.2:M 46/7 New kinds of war, new kinds of peace 1
D 1.2:M 46/8 When it mattered most : remembering our fallen medical personnel in Iraq-Afghanistan 1
D 1.2:M 52/2 National Research Action Plan : responding to the Executive Order improving access to mental health services for veterans, service members, and military families (August 31, 2012) 1
D 1.2:M 55 Minority institutions faculty fellowship program 1
D 1.2:M 59/20 Military Traffic Management Command : worldwide port operations, global traffic management, deployability engineering, integrated transportation systems : we deliver the power to the force-- anytime--anywhere-- 1
D 1.2:M 59/21/998-99 Program management 2000 know the way, how knowledge management can improve DoD acquisition, report of the Military Research Fellows, DSMC 1998-1999 1
D 1.2:M 69/2 Missile Defense Agency 1
D 1.2:M 69/3 Proposed U.S. missile defense assets in Europe 1
D 1.2:M 69/4 Missile defense : the first seventy years 1