Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 13.1/5: Snow & avalanches in Utah : annual report
Snow & avalanches in Utah annual report
A 13.1-5/2:R 5-MB-167 Noxious weed treatment project : final environmental impact statement, Modoc National Forest 1
A 13.1/6: Community-based watershed restoration partnerships, accomplishments for fy . 1
A 13.10: Land areas of the national forest system as of . 2
A 13.10:984 Land areas of the national forest system as of . 1
A 13.101/2:8 Lookouts in the Southwestern Region 1
A 13.101/2:9 Jemez Mountains railroads : Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico 1
A 13.101/2:10 People and places of the old Kaibab 1
A 13.101/2:13 Pothunting in central Arizona : the Perry Mesa Archeological Site Vandalism Study 1
A 13.101/2:15 Tearing up the ground with splendid results : historic mining on the Coronado National Forest 1
A 13.101/2:16 Archeology of the Farmington sector of the Elena Gallegos project 1
A 13.103/2:R 10-RG-3 Kuiu Island canoe-kayak routes, Tongass National Forest, Stikine area, Petersburg Ranger District 1
A 13.103/2:R 10-RG-25 Recreation cabins : Chatham area, Tongass National Forest 1
A 13.103/2:R 10-TP-3 Spruce needle aphid 1
A 13.103/2:R 10-TP-4 Spruce needle rust 1
A 13.103/2:R 10-TP-6 Cottonwood leaf beetle 1
A 13.103/2:R 10-TP-8 Birchwood leaf roller 1
A 13.103/2:R 10-TP-12 Large aspen tortrix 1
A 13.104:B 56 A Black bear's woodland menu, some food items of black bears in northern forests 1
A 13.104:C 33 Celebrating 100 years of caring for the land our first responsibility is the stewardship of soil, air and water resources 1